About Pinkerton:  Pinkerton came into existence in July of 2007 and has been running off and on ever since.  The comic touches on social and cultural events.  But mainly, Pinkerton is like that one drunk friend who never knows when to shut up and thinks their jokes are much funnier than they actually are.  The strip centers around four main characters with a wide cast of extras and even some cameos.  Here we go:


buckleyBuckley – A mild-mannered, fun-loving, rodent devouring fox with a huge heart.  Buckley loves Christmas, his friends, a good chipmunk Hot Pocket, and the Love Boat.  He’s been known to invent things like The Pizza Sombrero and will always go to bat for his friends regardless of how much trouble it may land him in.  Check out some Buckley strips.

tuckerTucker – The rabbit who can’t win.  Tucker would be the classic bachelor if it weren’t for the fact that he’s been divorced three times and is the single father to 47 children.  Tucker loves his booze and he loves his women.  Both of which have landed him in jail on numerous occasions.  Tucker labels himself a loaner, a rebel, and a warrior against morons (even though he’s terrified he may be one).  He’s gruff, rude, and very non-PC.  Check out some Tucker strips.

martinMartin – The intellectual.  Martin likes to think of himself as “The Smart One” of the group.  He’s simply searching for an ounce of common sense and a bowl full of tranquility.  He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t smoke.  He avoids fatty foods and tries to get to bed at a reasonable time.  Martin is also the fixer of our gang of jerks.  Granted, he’s not a very GOOD fixer.  Most times you can find Martin drinking a juice box and questioning his existence.  Enjoy a few Martin strips.

steveSteve – The guinea pig with the moose heart!  Steve was adopted at birth into a moose family.  He just so happens to be Martin’s “big” brother.  Steve is in constant search of his identity.  He truly believes in his heart of hearts that he’s a moose and will go to any lengths to prove it.  Steve is also a strong supporter of a few moose-related organizations and fervently promotes National Moose Day.  Here are some Steve strips.